The Return of Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine… I see you.


I see you angry.

I see you hurt.

I see you confused.

I see you paralyzed.


True North cannot be navigated through polluted streets and the horizon is lost between skyscrapers and artificial light. The steps you take – in the directions you are commanded – are godless – leaving you with nothing but unbearable disconnection.

I see you making unholy vows to systems and wars that use you up until you are a hollow shell of a human.

I see misdirected anger and violence toward Divine Feminine as those around us insist that it is ALL about HER – and NO LONGER about YOU.


Divine Masculine, I see you.


It is just as much your time to heal as it is for your Divine counterpart. It is time to strip away the layers of programming, and expectations, and irreverent lies you have been told for far too long. It is time to find your North.

In a world largely dominated by so- called “masculine” energy, we have gravely misused and misunderstood it’s purpose.  We have let Ego override the Divine and have used Masculine’s strength and power for destructive, self-serving purposes. We have surrendered our own Divine Personal Power to serve the agendas of those who do not and will not ever serve us.


It’s time to heal the Divine Masculine. 


Brothers I ask you – do not fight us. Fight for us. Fight WITH us. Fight with us because the strategic breakdown of the Divine Feminine was no accident, and it was done simultaneously with the breakdown of the Divine Masculine.

The blood of warriors still courses through your veins. It demands attention – it demands a release – it demands reconciliation – it demands justice. The primordial sound of your ancestors – the DNA you STILL carry – cries for freedom from the chains that have shackled you to the expectations of our current world.

They have taken your mental and physical challenges. They have made you bored and restless, they have caged you up and act appalled when you unleash your primordial fury onto the world. They have set you up for failure.


They have told you that you are a MAN, but forgot to tell you the new definition of “man” is “robot.” 


They have given you an overwhelming task of providing successfully for a family. They have given you bills and mortgages and they have stolen your time and they have made all of this so heavy, purposefully. Because, Diving Masculine when you are heavy with worry and fear and responsibility you do not have the energy to rise, create, and do.


They have given you addiction and distraction – they have done everything they can to silence you, can’t you see that? Because when you are whole, Divine Masculine, when you are healed, when you are clear and strong – you are a threat.

Divine Masculine, I see you. I feel your pain and see the way you have been broken down, but it is not too late.


It is time to heal, my wounded warriors. It is time to rise. 




*Channeled Meditation 




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