New Moon in Libra Maddafackas!

Holy smokes October is an intense month for cosmic activity, guys! On Friday, we entered Venus Retrograde and when Venus shows up – she SHOWS UP! All of our energy and emotions are going to be tested and tried during Venus Retrograde – especially in the areas of money, relationships, and sex. (The triad of DRAMA!)

If that wasn’t enough we also have our annual new moon in Libra starting tomorrow (Oct. 8). Now if you’re a wild witchy moon goddess like I am, you know that new moons are the perfect time for setting new intentions, goals, and habits. I love to start a new moon phase with a little “letting go” ritual and an “intention ritual” to keep my eye on the prize and set my focus for the month.

With every new or full moon my ritual changes a little to honor the Zodiac the moon is traveling in, for example: when the moon cycle is in an Earth sign I will bury my intentions in the soil, or if it is in a Fire sign I will write them on a piece of paper and burn it. For a New Moon in Libra (an Air sign) I like to keep things light with lots of room for expanding as the month moves forward.

For an Air sign moon phase, I will generally set my intentions energetically and incorporate them into a meditation, allowing them to move through me into the space around me for support and guidance. This allows me to be firm in my intentions and also allows them to grow as I release them into the air.

Libra and Venus are Tag Teaming You 

You’re never gonna guess what the Libra New Moon is calling for… RELATIONSHIP COMMUNICATION. It’s almost like Libra and Venus are Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan flinging you around the ring while you try not to cry in front of the crowd. Examining relationships can. be. brutal. Honesty with ourselves and our feelings is equally brutal – but it’s also necessary for forward growth and movement, as well as creating better circumstances for ourselves as we build new relationships, or restructure old ones.

If you don’t have a New Moon ritual, but are looking to create one, here’s a few tips to get you started:


  1. New Moons are about new beginnings. This is a time to look at what you want to accomplish over the next month, prioritize, and decide what you want to focus on. Each New Moon brings with it a different energy, and I like to set my priorities and goals in the spirit of that energy – so I know the Universe truly is working with and for me. For New Moon in Libra, prioritizing relationships is a GREAT place to start.
  2. Be intentional with your intentions. This is not like seeing an old friend on the street and “intending” to call them to meet up sometime within the next year. I mean grab your intentions by the gonads and let them know you are super serious about spending the next month with them. If you have to write them down – do it. Hell, draw yourself in a comic of you getting a promotion if that’s the way you vibe! Just make sure that your way of setting intentions is clear, and meaningful to YOU.
  3. Feel into the result of your intentions. It’s one thing to write down a goal or outcome you want to reach, but let’s take it to the next level by associating a feeling to your intention. How will it feel as you move through the month working on this thing? How will it feel once you have accomplished it? What will the changes be that are a result, and how do those changes make you feel? If your intention is to lose 10lbs in the next month, how does it feel both physically and emotionally to have lost the 10lbs. Use your imagination to inspire feelings about your intentions, and allow yourself to feel the good, squishy feelings you are seeking through these intentions. (I promise this makes it 1000x more powerful!)
  4. Ask to dream about your goals. I recently had the experience of meeting an incredible sound healer, Lifang Huang, and attended one of her group healing sessions. Towards the end of the session, while we were setting our individual intentions for healing our spiritual and physical bodies she said “I pray I dream about my goals every night.” POWERFUL! (And as a side note, it totally works!)
  5. Make new choices. If your intentions are to lose 10lbs this month and you have already eaten through 3 bags of Halloween candy – you may want to align your choices a little better with your intentions. When we are mindful of how our choices align, or DO NOT align with our goals and intentions we start creating the person we want to see on the other side of our goal. A new life, a new you, a new outcome is only a choice away.


This month is promising to be wild, full of contrasts and maybe a few confrontations, but just take each day as they come and fill your heart with patience and grace for yourself and others.

I for one love unpredictability so I’m pretty excited to see what this month will bring to us!


All my love and stardust,


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