Creactivity and Why This Made Up Word Will Change Your Life

Creactive: (adj) to actively create reality. To use one’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors to actualize one’s desires, wishes, and wants. To actively participate in circumstance. ex. Lynzie is creactive in her health. She creates health by creating an environment where health is abundant.

Writing creactive over and over is proving to be a pain in my ass already, but I’m going to trudge through it because it’s important. I am pretty sure I made up this word, at least in the use I intended, and here’s why it’s terribly important.

Often times we are pegged as one of two types of people. We are PROactive, meaning we look at a situation and take the steps we think will best help us control it. Or we are REactive, which means we wait until a situation has happened and then take the best steps to recover from it. CREactive is a whole new thing I’m really hoping will catch on. Being CREactive means we are acknowledging that no situation exists without us creating it. No happy situation exists without us attaching the emotion of joy to it, and no sad situation exists without us attaching the emotion of sadness to it.

Here’s an example. When I read The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks I cried for what seemed like three full days. I was so sad about everything that happened in the lives of those characters I literally mourned the loss when the end came for them. When I was talking about the book with my friend she said “Oh yes, that was a cute book.” A CUTE BOOK!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??? How were you not completely devastated?

Because we both read the same words, the same story, with the same ending; it is safe to say that I created a sad situation for myself. Feeling sadness was a go-to emotion for me, I am an emotional person. Someone who maybe isn’t as emotional (or who has a firmer grip on reality) may not perceive the story as “sad.” So, because I allowed myself to stew for days over the trauma that occurred because of a paperback, I creactively created a sad situation.

How to live creactively. Want a better relationship? Creatively condition yourself and your environment that is supportive of a good relationship. Want to make more money? Creactively make yourself an invaluable employee. Want to feel better and not so stressed out? Creactively turn your days into something that is more conducive of a lifestyle that supports calmness and peace.

This sounds like proactive a little doesn’t it? Maybe. The difference between proactive and creactive is that when we are proactive we are anticipating a situation that we may have to manipulate or control. When we are creactive we are creating the circumstances we desire from the get go. We are not allowing situations to happen to us, we are actively creating them day in and day out.

I am proactive about my health. I am doing things to prevent something that may happen to me, eventually, maybe.

I am creactive about my health. I am doing things that support and create and abundance of health. I do not worry about whats going to happen or what may happen because I am creating an environment within myself that is not supportive of disease. I am only focused on the CREATION of health, not the prevention of disease.

Here’s some things I did creactively:

I wanted less stress. I cleaned out my house of clutter and unnecessary items. If I haven’t pulled it out of the closet in 2 years, it’s unnecessary. I will often times put on some “spa suite” Pandora just for the hey of it. Its very relaxing. And my very favorite – my Moroccan Sandalwood oil I burn to make my home smell very spa-ish. Now all I need is a live in massage therapist and I am SET!

I’m not even going to sit here and pretend I am a perfect eater. I’m not. As my bestie will tell you along with the recaps of our gym sessions we also litter the conversation with how much we like Oreos. I have, however, eliminated MOST undesirable things from my diet on a day to day basis. I am creactively creating health within myself. (The less stress part helps too.)

I stopped saying negative things about myself. This is the hardest for most of us to do. My blog on not “losing weight” talks about how important I think affirmations are. They work, buddy. You can creactively change your opinion on yourself by just telling yourself how wonderful and beautiful you are. When you stop seeing yourself as something negative and reinforce the positive, that is what you will begin to see. That is what will shine out for the world to see. How dang cool is it that we can CREACTIVELY create ourselves?

What I would inspire you to do is this: TAKE CONTROL!! Stop reacting and stop proacting. CREACT! Take control – because if you don’t someone else will, and no one wants someone else running their life! Stop reading this and GET OUT THERE!




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