By the Power of Greyskull! I CONTROL THE UNIVERSE!

I was sitting in the back of a classroom at a cosmetology school I was teaching at. We were in a big assembly with the whole school, and one of the things we did on a weekly basis was recognizing others’ achievements. Now, during these assemblies it was really great to hear about students helping each other out and working together, however, it got to a point that some of the “recognitions” were just ridiculous. Like, thanks for sharing your Snickers bar with me, or something like that.

So, I was being a snot and siting in the back and poking fun at some of these students and their reaching really far in order to recognize each other. I turned to one of the other instructors and I whispered to her:

“Ummmmm…. Ok. So like, I really have to like, recognize Shari. Because like, I had this dream about her, and like, she was super nice to me in my dream. And I just think thats like, super awesome that she was so nice to me in my dream.”

And we both laughed like catty little bitches.

But then something totally bizarre happened. One of the students got up on stage and decided to recognize Shari. Because she had a dream about her. And that dream reminded her how nice she thought Shari was, and how much she loved her.

You can’t make this shit up people.

It was then, in the back of that classroom, I realized that I control the universe.

Don’t believe me? Allow me to introduce some more evidence…

While I was working at that school as an instructor I decided, you know what? I would really like to be the Director of Education some day. How do I do that? I ended up leaving that school a few months later and found myself at another school that desperately needed organization and leadership. Guess what happened? I became Director of Education. How? Because I paid attention to all of the qualities a Director of Education should be. All the duties a Director of Education had, and all the steps I would need to talk to make MYSELF one. I didn’t really wait for anyone else to make me one. I made myself one, even before I got the official title, I was acting as a Director of Education in my day to day job. My efforts and skills were recognized and I officially held that title.

This happened to me again just recently. I decided I was tired of working for someone else all the time and being accountable to their daily schedules. I missed my kids. I wanted to pick them up from school and hang out with them. I decided, I’m going to work for myself. I’m going to start doing things from home.

First I thought about all the things I’m good at, enjoy doing, and that would be profitable for me.

I am pretty enthusiastic about a lot of things, and I’ll admit I am still fine-tuning what it is EXACTLY I do, but I’ll tell you MOST of it has to do with writing and designing. I edit books, I write newsletters, I create resumes, I also make dreamcatchers, paint, and cut hair.

But when I decided, I love to write, the internet gives me a lot of opportunity for content writing and the likes, I started researching. I made myself a modern-day writer by researching modern-day writing. I started my own pages and avenues for expression and I practiced my craft by writing things I like to write about. Soon the excitement and passion I have for writing and designing was met with interest from other people. Can you help me design a resume? I need help with a business flier. Etc. 

I am just about five months into this and I am in a pretty good place, I am still working on building my business up, but if you would have told me I would have had this response I would have left my nine to fiver a lot sooner.

Now, before I had even really started working for other people, when people asked what I did I told them I am a writer. I literally actualized this job into my reality. I went from 15 years in the hair industry to a paid, nearly full time writer in just five months. Thats pretty extraordinary if you ask me. All because I KNEW (from experience) that I COULD.

The Blonde Guru started out as a blog.  A creative outlet for me to write about things I love to write about. I am now turning that adorable title into a company that is bringing me profit while I am able to do the things I love. Like hanging out with my kids, working on my health, and indulging in hours long marathons on Netflix.

I like to write a lot about my experiences, and some of the experiences I am passionate about are spirituality and creating my best life. While diving deeper into the research of things like spirituality and consciousness something super incredible happened. I met Dr. Morgan Giddings.

Morgan and I have a similar story, we both spent a lot of time in a career we initially loved, but then soon realized it was becoming unfulfilling and we both wanted more. We looked inside ourselves for inspiration and direction and we found that direction.

Morgan has an incredible business (and life) coaching business and I found myself on her payroll, helping her organize her written communications and marketing. People say I am so lucky for landing this job, but I know that I attracted this job to me by being a great writer and organizer, and by having a true passion for the work Morgan does.

I have a hundred other examples, but I will save them for other blogs. What I want you to get out of this, is not that I control the universe, but that YOU can, too. You can literally attract the things you want out of life by just being receptive to the possibility of them. You can attract health, wealth, independence, relationships, whatever it is you want – YOU have the power to pull them into your reality.  And I 100% encourage you to do so.

The secret of success is not really a secret at all. We’ve all heard the expression “dress for the job you want.” Well internalize that. Be the career you want. Be the life you want. Be the freedom you want. When you are living these things – the Universe has no choice but to present them to you.

Whoever you think you are, let it go. And be who you want to be.



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