Human Nature: excuses, excuses, excuses. . .

Here’s the thing. For a long time we, as humans, have been super concerned with this thing we call “human nature.” Frankly, I’ve had it up to my perfectly shaped eyebrows with “human nature.” Here’s why:

Somewhere in history we started getting really scientific about things, which, don’t get me wrong is as bad ass as can be. Science has opened a lot of doors of understanding about not only us, but the world that we live in. The problem with science is that its limited. We can only scientifically explain something through sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell. When you think about the frequencies that humans are able to see, touch, smell, and hear – I mean we’re pretty limited, even dogs have keener senses than humans do. Science is based on things that are observable. But, dude, there is so much more to life than that which can be observed. What happened when we became obsessed with science? Everything NONscience got tossed aside as NONsense.

NONscience is important. Just ask any devout follower of religion. Many people base their lives off NONscience; why have we decided as a whole to disregard things that are not limited by the five senses of science? Humans love science, but science doesn’t have the answers we need.

Its really easy to trust our five senses, we’ve gotten really good at it. I can SEE the world around me, I can tell you that cheesecake TASTES amazing, and anyone with properly working audio receptors in their head can tell you that NIckleback is a horrible band. We rely on our 5 senses to make it through our day. What’s gone missing over time is the ability to rely on things that don’t fall under the categories of the 5 senses. When we think of a 6th sense we think of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, even that creepy little kid in that ghost movie, but what I’m talking about here is our own intuition.

Intuition is a sense that has been left in the mud since we started analyzing and putting things into categories. We, as a species, have abandoned intuition because society already tells us what is right and what is wrong. Here’s an example (its a food example because I love food.) The healthcare, grain and dairy industries have made this awesome food pyramid based on all kinds of numbers and research on what our human bodies “need” as nourishment. The biggest level on the pyramid: grain. I am going to tell you right now that grains make me want to die. I can’t digest them, I end up having to spend all night in the bathroom and I get pretty cranky about it too. Science tells me my body needs grain. My intuition says, “If you eat that, you will hate everything about life.”  Science, my good friends, is not always right. But if we can learn to harness that 6th sense of intuition, we will never be wrong.

What does this have to do with my annoyance of human nature? Everything. We make all kinds of excuses for ourselves based on the fact that we are “only human.” False. We are divine beings of infinite possibilities and it drives me batty when people limit themselves and each other. I don’t care what you call your maker. “God” “Allah” “Shiva” “Source” “Universe” They’re all different words for the same thing. Even if you’re atheist and don’t believe in a “God” and you work off that thing called science, you know we came from somewhere, we are made up of the same stuff the universe is – if that isn’t owning cosmic origins I don’t know what the hell is.

I have decided to close out on my subscription to “human nature.” I have decided to see myself as something with divine intuition that is just walking around in this meat puppet body. Guess what happens when you decide you’re no longer limited by “human” capabilities. Real good shit. Holding yourself accountable to “divine nature” opens up the world in ways you never thought possible.

As humans we experience a lot of contradiction. The most important contradiction we experience is that which is within ourselves. I like to call these internal contradictions a battle between soul and ego. Now, I’m no zoologist, but I believe that ego is something that is exclusive to humans. I have not one time seen two sea turtles in an argument about which one is right. Ego is what guides us in fear. Ego is what tells us that we must be limited in the way we see the world, ego is what dismisses mistreatment of others as “human nature.” It is within the soul that we find our divine nature. It is within the soul that we experience compassion and understanding. It is within the soul that we find love.

Ego thrives off one thing: self. Soul is selfless. You can see why this would cause a pretty epic battle within someone. When we act out of ego we are doing things out of self preservation. “I am not going to date that guy because guys are horrible and they always hurt me.” “I cannot have one conversation with my boss because he thinks all my ideas are stupid.” When we live our lives in self-preservation mode we become very unhappy. We live in fear of what could happen and forget to find the beauty in what is happening. When we live in fear we start passing judgement. “My boss is obviously a horrible person.” “That guy is handsome so he is totally a player.”

When we start passing judgement we limit our life. You guys, we limit our lives. What a stupid thing to do to ourselves. When you ask a child what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up, their answers are, in fact, limitless. Princesses, pirates, doctors, I mean I heard one kid say he wanted to be a giraffe when he grew up. Kids actually believe they can do anything. Where and when do we lose this belief in ourselves?

It’s when we start letting ego take over. I failed at something, I must not be good at that. My parents say I’m not good at math so obviously I’m not. I tried to be creative, but was told my ideas are stupid. We let our life experiences build fear in us. And the shitty thing about fear is that it builds on itself exponentially, until one day all we are is a big ball of excuses. And our favorite excuse is that of human nature.

Its human nature to judge.

Its human nature to be opinionated.

Its human nature to hate people that aren’t like us.

Its human nature to be territorial.

Its human nature to value material things.

Its human nature to give up when we fail.

You’re dang right all of those things are human nature, but human nature doesn’t have to be OUR nature. Our nature can be divine. It can be forgiving, it can be loving and accepting of all things and all situations. Our nature can confront and clear away fear and ego. You don’t have to continue your subscription to human nature. Cancel it. When fear starts calling to resubscribe, tell it you’re in the middle of dinner with your family and not to call back.

When we cancel our subscription to human nature and fill our minds with things that are divine in nature we will start a chain reaction. It will spill over into all aspects of our lives, it will stop any and all excuses. It will give us understanding and compassion. We stop limiting each other and we stop limiting ourselves. When you are stuck in “human nature” you cannot be anything. When you live in “Divine nature” your possibilities are in fact, infinite.

Practice this. Practice a divine nature rather than a human nature, whether you start with your children or your boss or your spouse – pick one situation and approach it with understanding and compassion rather than ego and fear.

Here’s a good example: My youngest wanted to write a “guest blog” on my site, when I read her little article i was HORRIFIED. She’s sitting here talking about candy and Disney channel when these are the very things I’m trying to eliminate from our lives. How could I possibly allow her to post such blasphemy on my page? My FEAR and EGO told me that people will think I’m a horrible mother if I let my kid talk about how much she likes candy. But then I thought about it. What flipping 8 year old kid DOESN’T like candy?? My fear, my ego not only limited myself in that situation, but I also let it limit my child. That’s much better parenting isn’t it? (Why hasn’t anyone developed a sarcasm font yet?)

Let go of fear. Let go of ego. Let go of this human nature thing that is holding you back from whatever it is you believe is right. Trust in your divine intuition. Believe in all possibilities for those around you. And believe in all possibilities for yourself. You are divine. You are infinite. You are limitless.

Let the kid be a damn giraffe.

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